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About Dr. Victoria Lee

25+ Years of Experience

As a clinical psychologist and sex therapist, I have helped guide hundreds of couples toward the sex solutions they need to transform their sex-lives and relationships.

Passionate & Supportive

I'm privileged to have a gift and passion for my work. I know the problems most people face, and my track record shows that I also know the solutions.

Relationship Counseling

For Couples & Individuals

Over the years, both couples and individuals have told me that our work together had radically improved their relationships. These experiences are precious to me.

The gift of being able to support a client in their journey toward healing and joy is one that I treasure. In most cases, I find myself able to truly “get” the client—to see and feel the pain as well as the strengths the client may be unaware of. We form a deep professional relationship; often it’s the first one the client has had where there is no judgment, only support and caring.

My expertise in sex therapy can help you!

Many client couples have especially welcomed my expertise in solving sexual problems in addition to my skill in helping them resolve other relationship issues. I have trained sex therapists for over 25 years, and I’m extremely comfortable and capable assisting clients with sexual concerns.

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Sex Solutions Videos

These video modules offer affordable, professional solutions for many common sex-related issues.

Do you have a problem in your intimate life? Most couples do. These video modules offer affordable, professional solutions for many common sex-related issues from Dr. Victoria Lee - a supportive clinical psychologist and sex therapist with 25+ years of experience.