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In Danger or Great Pain?

The services and products on this site are not intended for those in emergency situations.

If you are in physical pain or danger, PLEASE call 911.

If you are thinking about suicide, PLEASE call (800) 273-8255 or visit:


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Limitations of Online Coaching

The work I do via email, phone, and video is best understood as coaching and consultation--as opposed to psychotherapy. If you are clinically depressed, have suicidal thoughts or other serious conditions, person-to-person assistance with a professional in your area is best. If you are unable to find or unable to afford such as person, I will help you search if I can. DURING THIS TIME OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY, A VERY FEW THERAPISTS ARE SEEING PEOPLE IN PERSON. IF YOU ARE SUICIDAL, I WILL TRY TO HELP YOU FIND SOMEONE IN YOUR AREA IF I CAN.

About In-Office Therapy

Being with an empathic, therapist who really listens, gets you, and supports you is a precious opportunity. I have been that person for many couples and individuals over the years. I also often work in collaboration with other therapists where I provide the sex therapy component of relationship healing. Please call or email me about how this works. Having the courage to seek help when you need it is critical to creating the relationship you long for.